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Five free IM clients for your Nokia Lumia

Staying in close contact with friends and family is important. That’s why millions of people around the world own a mobile phone as it puts the most important people in their lives right in their pockets. Rather than making a phone call or an SMS, you could send an IM (Instant Message) – it’s often a cheaper option, too. We’ve plucked out five from the Windows Phone Marketplace for you to try.

Kik Messenger, £Free

Kik Messenger conversation

Kik Messenger thread

If you and your group of friends all own different smartphones, then there’s a nice way of having a free conversation – via instant messenger – across multiple-platforms.

Kik Messenger connects you to your friends in real-time where you can send simple text messages, or send photos from your phone gallery. You can also have group chats, which will make organising that movie-night as simple os possible.

Skype, £Free

Skype contacts list

Skype call

At peak times there are 40 million users online using Skype. It’s one of the most used IM clients today.

Skype can be used online on your computer, laptop or your smartphone, which is probably why this is used by millions of people around the world. This means that with Skype installed on your smartphone, you can make a call from the lobby of an overseas hotel, to your dad who’s sitting at the computer at home, thousands of miles away, for free using WiFi.

And for those frequent users of Skype, you’ll probably be aware of Skype Credit – a currency that you purchase that ultimate gives you cheaper calls from mobile to mobile when using the app.

With the front-facing camera of the Nokia Lumia 900, you’ll also be able to perform video calls, too, making you feel like you’re in the company of friends, when you may be miles away.

QuickYM, £Free

QuickYM sign-in

QuickYM thread

For people that use Yahoo! Messenger, this app keeps you connected to your buddies and gives you the ability to send and receive messages, and also read offline messages.

If at any point you want some peace and quiet, you can set the presence status to busy, or just switch it to invisible if you’d prefer.

GroupMe, £Free

GroupMe groups

GroupMe chats

GroupMe is a IM client that’s ultimately aimed at getting groups of people together. By creating groups of people you can send messages to all of those people at one time. Think of it as a private Twitter channel.

For instance, at work you may have a select group of colleagues that like to talk about football, or silly jokes. You can now extend that chat with those exact same people when out-and-about.

IM+, £Free

IM+ screenshots

Many people nowadays use various methods of chatting with people. Facebook, Google Talk, Jabber, RenRen, and many more services are all supported by IM+. That means that if you’re an IM-junkie, you can chat with your friends from across the many platforms from just one place. 

Standard messages can be sent, as well as photos. Plus, group chats are possible when using the Skype, AIM and ICQ services.

Don’t forget the smileys. They’re included, too. 😀

Download these today from the Windows Phone Marketplace for the Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 900

What’s your favourite IM client? Let us know in the comments below.

image credit: Dick_Morgan