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June 22, 2012

Tech Today

Time for the top tech for today. For all you tech heads out there I’m about to serve up a few treats to get your taste buds going, don’t eat it all at once though, savour it and make the meal last until our next installment on Monday.

via Nuclear-News

The UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) confirmed this week that India have invested the largest percentage of funds in the world (higher than any other country) towards renewable energy. They have invested approximately £12 billion as part of their Renewable Purchase Obligation policy; the notion that it is mandatory for every state in India to use a percentage of renewable energy in its total energy mix.


“Robot there is a fly in my soup!” – robot chefs are taking over. Step aside Gordon Ramsay, this version of you swears less and treats people very well! Huffington Post have compiled 14 of their favourite cooking robots for you to check out, here is my favourite one, omelette anyone?



Are you bored of your bike and fancy a change? Well this could be for you. A team of Czech engineers are proposing to build a flying bicycle that utilises battery-powered propellers. You could have up to five minutes flight, enough time avoid that huge traffic jam, but hey, noone likes to get to work too early!

via  Wired


Now you’ve thrown away your bike, you might aswell throw away your 12 Megapixel personal camera! Because after you’ve used this big beauty you’ll never want to look back! Now, granted, it’s not exactly portable but you can pretty much guarantee you’ll never use a more powerful camera in your life!

‘The prototype machine – dubbed AWARE2 – has the potential to take pictures with resolutions of up to 50 gigapixels, equivalent to 50,000 megapixels!’

via BBC Technology

Looks more like a PC tower if you ask me!

Have you seen anything today that you want us to feature on Monday?  Then don’t hesitate to let me know either in the comments section below or @Nokia_Connects. Have a great weekend!