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June 24, 2012

The Big Debate: The contents of your bag

Welcome to another enthralling episode of the Nokia Connects Big Debate. Usually we talk about our Nokia phones, accessories, hardware, software, music, design… the lot. However, recently I’ve been looking at the Nokia Facebook page, where I found this cool little competition. (You can win a Lumia 900 by the way, so… sign up!)

The Big Debate: The contents of your bag

So what are we debating here, Paul? Well – since you asked so nicely – I’ll share; when you open up the competition tab on Facebook you’ll see the message:

“The contents of your bag speak volumes about your personality. Empty yours and share a photo: the most creative images will win a Nokia Lumia 900…”

All I want to know is whether you agree or disagree. Personally, I totally agree! My bag is full of items that just scream my personality, there’s old tickets to the clubs I go to, random photos of my friends, lots of gadgets and chargers, loads of notebooks filled with scribbles instead of notes. This would all suggest that I’m fairly sociable, like going out, creative and work with or love gadgets (both).

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and please share your images of the contents of your bag with me too on Twitter using the tag #whatsinmybag