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Number 25 – something of a landmark, a quarter century, a silver anniversary, the outer bull in darts – and it might just make you smile.

Franc Grom has been around a while (the picture above dates from 2009), but he’s only just come to my attention (yes, I know, not good enough, but I can’t see all the internet every day). His intricate, delicate, detailed, awesome ‘egg art’ is almost unbelievable. These are regular egg shells (he blows the egg out before starting) into which he drills up to 20,000 holes. I can only imagine the sound that comes from his workshop when, on the 19,998th hole, he sneezes and shatters the delicate structure. The art, not the sneezing, makes me smile.



via Shropshire Star

If this doesn’t make you smile, you have a heart of stone and no soul. Mollie Price is six years old and has just opened her 3rd sweet shop (candy store). Her 3rd. And she’s SIX. It’s all about bringing her ‘obsession’ with sweet shops (from crayon drawings to her favourite film Charlie And The Chocolate Factory to life). Well done her (and her Mum), for having the ‘go-get-em’ attitude to not just open one shop but three. It has made me smile. Sweet.


If Mario were starting out today, his world might just look a little bit different. This short video imagines some of the twists that could be put on the iconic plumber’s life. Describing it as a ‘post-apocalyptic death march‘ is perhaps stretching things a little, but it made me smile – mostly due to the lack of expression on the little guy’s face throughout the whole affair.


Fancy spending two days on your knees creating something that will disappear the first time it rains? No? Well it’s a good job someone does, lots of someones actually. They are the dedicated chalk artists who take part in the Pasadena Chalk Festival, which was won this year by one Mr. A. Einstein (drawing of)

Chalk Einstein

The persistence, skill, and sheer bloody-mindedness of this made me smile.


Quick Grins

Underwater nightclub, anyone?

Fascinating videos from ice crystals forming to sorting mushrooms (really).

A bowl that is made from £1000 – literally.

So that’s what’s made me smile this week. How about you? Drop me a link in the comments, or on Twitter using the #MakeMeSmileMonday tag, if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks.