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June 25, 2012

Share your passion & win a Nokia Asha 302!

Calling all members of the Nokia Connects community, I have some interesting people and an amazing project to introduce you all to. I’m going to hand you over to Scotty and Griff from vegas2vegas for a little more info on how you can win a Asha 302 by contributing some ideas to raise awareness for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Ever felt like getting away from it all? Jacking in the job, starting afresh, and doing what you really love, what you’re passionate about?

For most of us we always have the option open to do that at some point; it’s on the New Year’s resolution list looking at us with puppy dog eyes.

We’re all passionate about something, whether it’s making cat memes, roller coaster riding, karaoke singing, or any of the other activities that make us who we are. But for some people the option to do what they really love to do isn’t available. This sucks. So were doing our bit to help.

We go by the name of Scotty and Griff and together we’re team vegas2vegas! Like two crime-fighting superheroes, just without the capes, spandex, and instead of crime-fighting we try to raise awareness and money for a great cause – Arms Around the Child.

What is vegas2venice?

Our next vegas2vegas challenge is vegas2venice. Vegas2venice is a documentary project that aims to bring you the story of the passions of those affected by HIV/AIDS throughout Europe in the form of an interactive online film.

Yesterday (Sunday 24th June) we headed off on an eight day trip to nine countries in central Europe to meet those affected by the disease. In our trusty batmobile (it’s just a normal car!) we’ll be travelling over 2,500 miles to the far edges of the world – or at least to some stunning unsung corners of Europe.

Being as well travelled as a garden slug, it will be a challenging and fun experience for us. All of which we’ll be capturing on two Lumia 800s, kindly provided by the awesome people at Nokia.

Dougie’s Passion Pilgrimage

There is an elusive third member to the vegas2vegas team – Dougie – an absolute animal, literally. Dougie is a bird. But this is no ordinary bird. Some say that he was once struck by lightning, just to charge his smartphone. And that if you were to stroke his face, a rainbow would appear. We don’t know if this is true but we do know that Dougie has lost his passion.

Dougie will be coming along on the vegas2venice journey, a pilgrimage to discover a new passion. With your help let’s hope he finds what he is looking for.

At this point we should point out that Dougie is made out of paper. Having a real bird in the car would be crazy. We’re not pirates.

**Win a Nokia Asha 302 – Help us discover Dougie’s passion!**

Nokia has partnered with us in our quest to help Dougie find his passion. Yesterday we started running a challenge on the vegas2vegas Facebook page (alternatively head here) for our community. We need your suggestions for an activity that you love and think Dougie should try his hand (or wing) at. The two suggestions with the most “likes” at the end of the week will each win a Nokia Asha 302.

We’ll be capturing Dougie’s attempts at your suggestions on our smartphones and posting them as we go. So be sure to check out our Facebook page to talk to Dougie.

We need your support

With your support we can raise awareness to thousands of people and show the world that by focussing on people’s passions we can create action. By connecting the passions of those affected by HIV/AIDS, with those who aren’t, we hope to inspire more people to get involved.

So join us on Facebook, Twitter, and our vegas2vegas blog to keep up to date with our wrong turns and to discover some incredible stories.