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Well, it’s been a few days now since the Nokia 808 PureView started landing in the hands of the experts (by which I mean you, loyal readers), and some amazing images are emerging. So I thought I’d gather together some of the best I’ve seen so far (don’t worry if yours isn’t here, there will be another gallery later this week too).

First up, it only seems right to lead off with a shot from Richard Dorman (a.k.a. Sheridan01) who has been sharing his 808 PureView shots for a few weeks now:

Pureview Picture

via sheridan01’s most excellent Flickr stream.

This looks like an Escher poster, but it is the Audio Visual Archive in the Netherlands, courtesy of the PureView Club:

Pureview Picture

via the PureView Club Flickr

Pocket Lint went to the races, and came up with some cracking photos, and here’s one of them:

Pureview Picture

via Pocket Lint

Michael Hell, whose praises I have sung before on these pages, took the PureView 808 for a walk in the woods.

Tree Pureview Picture

via Michael’s Flickr stream

The PureView Club again, this time a beautiful Lamborghini shot picked up by Steve Litchfield on All About Symbian.

Pureview Picture

via All About Symbian

In Cannes this week for the #CannesLions, we sent the 808 PureView to the fruit market:

Fruit Market

And finally for this gallery, a cracking Arc de Triomphe shot:

Pureview Picture

What do you think so far? Got any photos you think should be included, or seen any that I should include (as it’s summer, how about photos along that theme)? Drop me a link in the comments, or on Twitter, and I’ll be sure to drop them into the next gallery.

via _Ant1_