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Dark Knight Returns covers

The countdown for the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises movie is in full swing. We’ve already unveiled the Dark Knight Rises mobile app for Lumia devices and an exclusive trailer was made available yesterday showing a new view into the moody action-packed blockbuster that will land in theaters on July 20th.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that new and existing Nokia Lumia 710 owners in the US can get in on the action with colorful The Dark Knight Rises special edition Xpress-On covers, featuring the easily-recognizable Batman symbol.

Dark Knight Rises Black

So now, in addition to playing the Dark Knight Rises Mobile app that features exclusive content such as wallpapers, ring tones and the location-based game called “Claim Gotham City,” Dark Knight Rises fans can show off their excitement for the movie with a colorful cover as well.

Claim your Dark Night Rises Xpress-On cover

Running through July 31, those who are purchasing a Lumia 710, can pick up their cover for free when you purchase the phone at a T-Mobile store.

Have you already purchased your Lumia 710? No problem – simply go to our cover giveaway page and fill out the form. Don’t forget to specify which color you want and we’ll gladly ship it to you. 

Spread the word

Be sure to spread the word to your friends/family who are buying or already own a Lumia 710. This offer is free but there is a time limit.

Which color are you going to pick up?

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