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This summer a new set of Smoked by Windows Phone videos will appear on the Web that show how much faster everyday tasks are on Windows Phone compared to the competitors. Ben ‘The PC Guy’ Rudolph at Microsoft features in the new videos, and here’s the first one showing a Nokia Lumia 900 – winning.

So far, “Smoked by Windows Phone” has challenged more than 150,000 people in 45 countries around the world, beating most. Not all, but 98 per cent of them.

As the first video in the series demonstrates, the built-in Local Scout feature beats what Ramona uses to find local a local restaurant. Within seconds, Ben and his Nokia Lumia 900 have found a place to eat, viewed directions and sent restaurant details to his friends via an SMS.

While searching for a new place to eat is useful, we probably don’t do it that often. But what we do do (or I do, anyway) is make an update to our social network of choice on a fairly regular basis.

As you can see by the video below, Peter is challenged by Ben to update his Facebook status in super-quick time. Who wins? Press play to find out.

Peter and Ramona were lucky enough to be given a Nokia Lumia 900 for taking part in the challenge, even though they lost. They’ll never lose again.

For more details on the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign, head over to the Windows Phone Blog, or alternatively the Are You Fast? homepage. You can also follow the progress of the challenges on Twitter using the hashtag #smokedbywindowsphone.