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June 28, 2012

Wallpaper Wi-Fi Protection, Specialty Leashes

A French educational facility has invented the ultimate protection for business/home WIFI security.

The new innovation has emerged from the Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble allowing office managers and – if they choose – homeowners the ability to protect themselves from free Wi-Fi invasion through the walls.

A small electronic device? A signal disruptor on the roof? Au contraire. It’s in the wallpaper.

Apparently similar products have been available but never  for commercial sale. The only question is this: who has wallpaper anymore?

A Taiwanese company, having designed specialty leashes for use by disabled handlers, has donated a large quantity to French welfare organizations.

The multi-functional leashes, designed for ease of use by the disabled, were shown at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Paris in April. After the show was over, Chyokin Formosa Ind. Co. Ltd., the designer and manufacturer of the product, then decided to donate some of the leashes to French social welfare organizations. 

Taiwan’s representative to France, Michel Ching-long Lu, presented 42 of the leashes to the National Education Association Assistance Dogs for Disabled People on behalf of the Taiwanese firm. 

The complex, complicated relationships between dog and man continues. Nothing can keep us apart – especially not a disability.