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Just last week, we at Nokia Connects challenged Munich-based freestyle footballer Sven Fielitz to try out the Lumia 900 in and around the streets of London. By doing what he loves most Sven was able to, not only make me feel totally inadequate at football, but also push the Lumia 900 to the extreme…

After the shoot we managed to catch up with Sven to ask him a few questions….

Q1: Hey Sven. Welcome to Nokia Connects, can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself? 

My name is Sven Fielitz, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Luxembourg. I’m currently living in Munich though, since I’m studying film here.

Q2: When did you first start freestyle football and why did you start?

I think I started to freestyle in 2006, so I’ve been training for about 6 years now. I saw some videos on YouTube where other people did some crazy moves with a ball, and I thought to myself: “I really want to do that as well!” I was really inspired by those videos, but also by Nikes commercials such as “The Secret Tournament” or by the “Joga Bonito” videos. They helped make football freestyle more popular and more and more people got involved.

Q3: Where have you travelled in the world to participate in your sport?

Freestyle Football made it possible for me to visit plenty of countries. I’ve been to Freestyle meetings in Blankenberg, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Budapest, Vienna, etc. There have also been plenty of competitions I’ve been to, such as the yearly competition in Prague or the Red Bull Street Style qualification in Brussels.


Q4: Did you enjoy using the Lumia 900 for a day? What were your favourite features of the phone?

Yes I enjoyed using the Lumia. I liked it being different to other phones. I liked that all your notifications, from twitter, facebook and your e-mails, are shown at the same place. That’s very useful when you’re using all of those social networks and don’t need to switch applications – you see all of the notification in that one place. Very useful in my opinion.

Q5: Do any freestyle moves have names? If so can you tell us one and  briefly try to explain it….if not what is your favourite move?

The most common trick is called “Around The World” (ATW), where you basically just do one revolution around the ball with your foot. There’s plenty of variations, such as TATW, MATW, HATW, LATW, PATW, SATW,…which are too complicated to explain – but feel free to google or YouTube them. My favourite trick is called Magellan – it’s the trick I’m known for.

Q6: What is the best way for our community to get into freestyle football? 

There’s plenty of websites or facebook pages that tell you about the latest freestyle news or videos.

Facebook pages that post the latest videos are here:

Football Freestylers

– Learn Football Freestyle

Websites that post the latest news about Freestyle:

– Foot Freestyle


– Learn2Freestyle

– BeyondFootball

Q7: Who are your favourite freestylers in the world right now and why?

My favourite freestyler right now probably is Kamalio from South Africa, because he is one of the most creative freestylers out there. A lot of freestylers these days copy each other, and you don’t see much creativity anymore. Kamalio is both creative and unique. Furthermore, he is a very good all-rounder with a smooth style.

Football tricks

Q8: Finally, what are your plans next? When is your next freestyle activity? 

I am planning on doing a documentary about football freestyle this year. It’s in progress, some parts have already been filmed. It basically is about some featured freestylers and their journey in the “Super Ball” competition in Prague. I’m also going to be participating in that competition, I hope I can represent Luxembourg well enough.

For more about Sven, be sure to check out his Facebook page at:

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