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Primitive shelter

 We’ve witnessed a pair of Nokia engineers take a hammer and nails to the Corning Gorilla Glass-reinforced display on the Nokia Lumia 900.

After the screen comfortably withstood the full brunt of the Hammer of Thor, we glanced over at our Lumia 900, gave it a manly nod of approval, and got to thinking: Could this device save our lives?

We’ve chatted with survival experts and color psychologists and consulted our own Hollywood-saturated brains to concoct scenarios (some more likely than others) where this 4.3-inch smartphone could keep you alive.

Going commando
Have you eaten something you shouldn’t have out in the wilderness? It might be more serious than just a week on the toilet. The entire US Army survival guide offers a fully offline guide to dangerous plants and animals as well as survival guides for the desert, at sea, in the tropics or the arctic.
Survival chances: 8/10

Calm your adversaries
If you’ve picked up a Nokia Lumia in Cyan, your chances of surviving a conflict situation have dramatically improved. Color psychologist Angela Wright tells us Cyan is a “calming, happy color,” which may give a knife-wielding maniac a ‘misguided aggression by-pass’. However, he may just steal your phone instead.
Survival chances: 2/10

LOST … but entertained
While downloading a US Army guide may provide a wealth of survival information, it’s not exactly light reading. Instead, load the first season of LOST (before it got weird), Cast Away, and a Robinson Crusoe e-book onto your Lumia to help you prepare for your deserted beach lifestyle. The sun-friendly ClearBlack LCD display and Battery Saver mode may come in handy here too.
Survival chances: 4/10

Of course I remembered, darling
Have you ever forgotten your significant other’s birthday or anniversary? Then you will know the true meaning of fear. To guard against this life-threatening scenario, Windows Phone shows your calendar items and OneNote to-do items on your lock screen. One day you’ll thank it.
Survival chances: 10/10

Stopping a speeding bullet
It can withstand a hammer and nails, but could Gorilla Glass deflect a bullet headed for your left ventricle? Sadly not. The secret to the going bulletproof is multiple layers of plastic and glass fused together. While the bullet will pierce the glass, the plastic (usually polycarbonate) layer will absorb the shock. It works really well, but only if it’s three inches thick. Your Lumia isn’t.
Survival chances: 0.1/10 (you might get lucky)

Find my Phone

Find My Phone, Find Me
While Microsoft probably designed Find My Phone for when it’s wedged between the couch pillows, it can also be a lifesaver. If you’re lost or have been kidnapped, a loved one can easily track your Nokia Lumia on a map through any internet connected device.
Survival chances 8/10

The darkest hour
It may break your heart, but it could save your life. In your direst hour of need you could, according to, Reggie Bennett of the Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School in Virginia, smash into your Lumia “access the battery and use a wire and cross positive and negative to cause a spark.” Then you’ve got yourself a fire.
Survival chances: 0/10 (We’d rather freeze to death)

911 Police Scanner

Keeping an ear on the Five-O
If there’s a crazed killer on the loose, most folks wouldn’t consciously choose the sitting duck option. There’s loads of police scanner apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace, but we like 911 Scanner, which allows you to tune into local feeds and access a built-in code dictionary. If you hear a “51-50”, then get out of Dodge.  
Survival chances: 9/10

The last stand
Should all else fail, including your battery (probably from watching LOST), the mirror-like camera cover or reflective display could act “as a beacon for a rescue party,” says our survival expert Reggie. He advised against using it a blunt hunting object, as food is the least important of the seven survival principles. However, If a wolf comes our way though, we’re launching our Lumia Cliff Lee-style.
Survival chances: 5/10

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Image credit: Zest-pk