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Space games on your Nokia Lumia

The end of the week is the perfect time to switch off the email, save that presentation and instead have yourself some fun with some mobile gaming. We’ve plucked out five great space games for Nokia Lumia.

Radiant, £1.49


The square, pixelated graphics of this game gives it a nice retro feel. As does the style of the gameplay. It’s all about guiding your spaceship left and right as asteroids and invading alien fleets advance in front of you.

The handy auto-fire comes in very handy for clearing the path, leaving room for game-advancement and weapon upgrades.

For ultimate satisfaction and a guaranteed win, destroy all that get in your way.

Space Taxi, £Free

Space Taxi

In the future, we’ll all be driving our own personal spaceships and bouncing our flying-cars off planets. Until then, there’s Space Taxi.

Starting at the launch pad, you set up your trajectory and launch your craft to the nearest golden star. You collect these, by-the-way.

The tricky bit is trying to work out how to collect all stars on the level with only one launch. Try using the planets or black holes to help you out.

Danger Wing, £Free

Danger Wing enemies

Danger Wing boss

As the captain of a lightly armoured spaceship, it’s your duty to steer your ship through space, dodging a vast array of foe on your travels. The only main way to get through is to shoot everything down.

Using your finger or thumb you steer the ship left, right, up and down. When you do this, the torpedoes and bullets are automatically fired.

Collecting power-ups is a huge advantage if you want to down your enemy in super-quick time.

Space Invader 7, £1.29

Space Invader 7 lobby

Space Invader 7

For those that remember spending hours after school at the arcade machine in the local cafe, this Space Invaders 7 game is almost a replace of the original.

Invaders scroll from left to right above you, while you’re sliding back and forth below trying to shoot down the enemy invasion. Taking cover using the blockades is a must; otherwise they’ll take you out.

The controls are much like the classic arcade machine, too. Use the stubby joystick on the right to move and the button on the right to fire your weapon.

SpellShipTactics, £2.29


This is a space game with a difference. It’s a little bit like chess where you must move your ship in certain directions depending on what class ship you’re piloting.

Certain ships can travel to any squares around them, while some can only go backwards and forwards. This makes moving your fleet a little more difficult than you’ll usually find.

By moving all ships into place, you can gang up on enemies and use all ships to take down the one enemy.

This is a game of strategy, as well as firepower.

Have you tried any of these space games? Which one is your favourite? Let us know, using the comments section below.

Image credit: pasukaru76