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June 29, 2012

Tech Today

Everyday on Nokia Connects we bring you ‘Tech Today’. So why should today be any different? I’ve got a cocktail of UAVs, wedding rings, a teenage ‘creature’ locked in a computer and a splash of social music. It’s non-alcoholic of course so relax, take your time and drink up the tech…

via Fibroblast

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones are close to being deployed for use outside of the military. The UAV or x1 (as it is called) is on the verge of being used for commercial or civilian use, by non-governmental organisations. The drone can be used by rescue teams to help find people in danger after say, a car crash, in a remote area, or someone who has capsized on their yacht in rough seas. But there are reservations about who exactly can gain access to purchase and use the technology. Tabloid newspapers, criminals or terrorists for example could negatively use the drones to spy on people/celebrities, plan complex robberies or even to drop bombs.

via Maulim

The tech certainly is impressive and exciting but measures need to be installed to ensure the public at large are not in danger. It also feels a little bit like the real life Terminator is closer than we think.


Spotify have added social notifications to their desktop player, so users can now view who has subscribed to their playlists and they can even see how many songs have been added to their favourite playlists since they last visited. This is really useful for people who check in and out of radio station playlists to stay up to date with new music being played across the airways.


Have you met Eugene Goostman? The weirdest ‘creature’ in the world:

via Mashable


Finally, here is something for all you philanderers out there (not that you would ever be willing to admit it of course!). have created a wedding ring that imprints ‘I’m Married’ onto your finger once you take it off! It is called the Anti-Cheating Ring:

“The $550 wedding band is made from strengthened titanium – presumably stronger than the marriage it is intended to represent.”


Hope you enjoyed that, as always let me know about your tech tasty bits @Nokia_Connects or below this post.