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June 29, 2012

Week in Pictures

It’s been one of those weeks where you never quite know what the weather is going to do, but at least you can be certain that the Week in Pictures is here to brighten up your Friday!

via trendhunter

1. Surreal photography

One of the more inspiring series of images I’ve seen this week come from Spanish photographer Chema Madoz, whose work often takes ordinary and mundane images and subverts them to something completely unexpected and that somehow still makes sense. A truly gifted artist and definitely worth checking out the rest of his work.

2. Euro 2012

Moving from something I’ve seen to something I’m sure everyone has seen – the Euro 2012 Cup, the biggest football event in the world after the world cup. Like many of us, I’ve been glued to my television screen watching the ins and outs of the matches, and I think this image of Spanish supporters sums up the excitement of the past few weeks perfectly. Bring on the final!

via thehindu

3. UK floods

Also in the news this week have been the floods all over the UK – cementing the Kingdom’s image as a wet and grey country! Weirdly, while all this was happening, at Nokia Connects headquarters in London it was a balmy 28 degrees celcius…

via elsenores

4. Finding Nemo

Well, not technically Nemo, since he was a figment of Disney Pixar’s imagination, but these stunning images of Nemo look-alikes were taken by the PureView Club in the fishtanks of Rifwacher. Taken with a Nokia 808 PureView (no prizes there), they are surprisingly high quality considering the amount of glare you get from the glass.

via PureView Club

5. Dancing Colours

Another photographer whose work I came across this week is Swiss artist Fabian Oefner – you may remember reading Joel’s post about his work combining water colours with ferrofluid. Fabian has also produced a series of images showing coloured salt crystals ‘dancing’ on speakers in a physical representation of sound. In a word, wow.

via trendhunter

Have you seen/taken any amazing or inspiring images this week? Let us know in the comments or drop us a tweet @Nokia_Connects.