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June 30, 2012

App Report – Play To, Nokia Entertainment, motoring apps

Time once more for a Nokia Connects round-up of what’s been going on in the world of apps this week – the nuggets you may have missed while your attention was distracted by taking pics on your N8 (or Nokia 808 PureView, if you’ve managed to get one), or listening to Nokia Music on your Lumia, or being amazed by the battery life on your Asha.

Nokia Play To

Cost: Free – in the Nokia Collection in the Marketplace and in the Store
In a nutshell: streaming your content to devices connected to your network

via Pocket Lint

Over at Gizmo Crave, Sanjeev has taken a look at the release of the full version of Nokia’s Play To, saying that ‘streaming from your [Lumia] is getting easier’. Emerging from beta earlier than expected, Sanjeev reckons Play To could help Nokia ‘create its own niche’. A more detailed look at Play To was written up on Pocket Lint when the beta version was released, including the official intro and demo video.


Nokia Entertainment

Cost: Free in the Nokia Collection in the Marketplace where available
Availability: Finland
In a nutshell: Free TV programmes

Sticking with the visual theme, Aliqudsi has shared his written thoughts on the Nokia Entertainment range of apps on My Nokia Blog and posted a video exploring Nokia TV:

The picture, he says, is ‘amazing’ and ‘high quality’ and the viewing experience on the Lumia 900 is very comfortable, which is a bonus compared to other phones. Currently only available in Finland, Ali says it should spread to other territories (would you want it in your country? I think…yes!).


News for Asha lovers – the range of pre-installed apps on the Asha 305, 306 and 311 is increasing. On the 311, Nokia Maps, WhatsApp and Angry Birds come ready to roll and all three have the option to download 40 EA games for free. Good times, thanks to Caleb Cox of Reg Hardware for the heads up for those who may have missed the news.


Top Gear

Cost: Free – In the Marketplace
Availability: Everywhere
In a nutshell: Clips from the show, news, reviews and more

Finally for today, a couple of apps for the petrolheads out there (you know who you are). GSMDome has shared a video showing the Top Gear and F1 World apps on the Lumia 900. Awesome work, I downloaded the Top Gear one myself on the Lumia 800 and am watching Slash in the Reasonably Priced Car as I type (all in the name of research for this post, of course).

Seen any apps you think should be featured next week? What’s your favourite app this week (I know you all change loyalties weekly)? Let me know below in the comments, or using #NCAppReport on Twitter.