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As we stumble bleary-eyed from our beds on a Monday morning, one way to delay the impending doom of the coming week is to fire up your phone and browse what’s happened since you closed your eyes. The first thing on your Monday list should, of course, be MMSM. So let’s see what’s been making me smile this week.

Skateboard USB Drive, Captain America Motorcycle Suit

via This Is Why I’m Broke

I think I just found a way to write this post every week in 5 minutes flat. I’ll just post a screen shot from this site, and a link. Yes, I’m probably late to the party in bringing this site to your attention (it’s been on my radar for a while), but it has made me smile from ear to ear. From the Spiderman table to an actual working Tron motorbike to a Jedi bath robe, this site is an Aladdin’s Cave for a geek like me. I love it! Heads up to my colleague Adam for bringing it to my attention again.


So just how do you survive a zombie apocalypse? I’ll let this lady explain:


Well, that was more of a ‘guide to camping’, but the headline made me watch, and it kind of made me smile (because it fooled me). All you really need to survive a zombie apocalypse is, of course, a cricket bat and a good pub to hole up in (as seen in Shaun of the Dead). Now that movie makes me smile.



via Streetpainting 3D

This, dear readers, can only be described as a #megaboom. It’s not a term I break out often, but the work of Leon Keer has just stepped up to the next level. 3D Pac-Man is a win in anyone’s language, but if it was one of the first video games you ever played, it provokes a wide grin. he’s also tickled the geek gene by drawing a Lego-based terracotta army.


Another of the very first and most basic video games I ever played was Pong. It’s a classic, and I remember having to twist the joywheel (like a joystick, but a wheel) to move the ‘paddle’ up and down on the screen. So simple, yet so mesmerising. But now 15 developers have come up with new versions, like Pong World:

via zGames

Call me old-fashioned, but I kind of just preferred the original. It used to make me smile…


Quick grins

Thanks to Cristian, a video of a beach, a digger and a bed sheet. Seriously.

A totally Minecraft wedding. The mind boggles.

Stormtrooper nails. As taught by Darth Vader.

A natty space-saving device – chairs and table in a bookcase.

Seen anything this week that has made you smile and you think should be shared with the vast swathe of Nokia Connects readers around the world? Feel free to leave me a comment, or fire me a link via Twitter using the #MakeMeSmileMonday tag (like Cristian does). For readers in Canada – Happy Canada Day weekend!