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July 3, 2012

Cleaning Underwear, Connecting Wires

Are your underwear dirty? (Don’t answer if you’re at work.) A Chinese cab driver has invented a device to specifically clean undergarments.

Mr Li, the taxi driver from Chongqing, who has been working on the contraption since the last five years and built it for less than $1,000 US dollars, chose the right market for his product.

In China, where undergarments are washed separately from other clothes due to conservative principles, the local women will see the invention that washes underwear in under a minute as an answer to their prayers.

How does it work? The device uses a piston mechanism and works like a hand operated generator. Add water, washing powder and give the device a spin for instant, clean underwear.

Sometimes you don’t want to wash an entire load. Sometimes you just need clean drawers.

A man in Idaho is utilizing the structure of the Chinese finger trap to change the manner in which wires can be connected. Here’s the local news video:

From the piece:

“This invention is a next step invention. It changes everything. If you get on the internet and take a look at crimps and other types of connectors, you’ll quickly recognize what we’re talking about. If you were to imagine going from buttons to the zipper, and from the zipper to Velcro, these are next step inventions,” said Mark Melni, Inventor.

If this invention takes off it will change the way Bruce Willis deactivates bombs in future motion pictures.