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July 3, 2012

Tech Today

We have some fitness gaming, fabric-o-licious music and don’t-move-a-muscle cooking on Nokia Connects this afternoon. Time to transport you to the world of Tech Today.

I wanted to kick start Tech Today with a great Tweet from the CEO of Box, Aaron Levie:

via All Things D

All Things D also added added their own take on Facebook: “And Facebook was a bar!”


Here is some cool and exciting news for music fans out there. You can now rub your hands across fabric to control your music! The new technology called Tangible Textural Interface (TTI) “adds a softer and more personal appeal to an electronic device”, instead of the usual plastic or glass interface.

via Eunhee (Sally) Jo on Vimeo.


A new USB microwave will enable workers to heat food at their desks. You place your lunchbox into the food warmer, set the time/temperature and a message appears on your computer to inform you when the food is ready to eat! Now nobody has an excuse to leave their desk, could be ideal for bankers or stockbrokers who are continuously glued to their screens.

via psfk


New York City sponsored it’s first ‘sustainability-focused’ hackathon (Reinvent Green) recently to create apps with the potential to make the city more green.

“The innovation on display at this weekend’s Reinvent Green Hackathon shows just how much we can achieve when New York City’s tech community works together. In two short days we saw the development of powerful apps that help New Yorkers recycle, find green markets, pool bicycles and much more.” (Rachel Sterne, NYC’s chief digital officer)

Have any of you guys at home been to a hackathon before? I would love to know exactly what happens at one! Have any of you got some ideas for sustainability apps? Some of you did some amazing work for our sustainability challenge a little while back.


Finally, Nike have managed to merge the worlds of fitness and gaming with their latest Nike+ launch video:


Have you spotted anything worth sharing with us and the rest of the community today? Let me know below or at the mothership on Twitter.