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July 4, 2012

Tech Today

Ladies and gentlemen, Tech Today is back again with three awesome bits of technology. The first one will ensure every night is a well-slept one, the second will make you love ironing and the third one will help you discover the underwater world…


Everybody knows this pretty awful feeling of being too warm or too cold in bed. Well this is now over thanks to the Chilipad! It’s a mattress cover designed with a microclimate temperature control system that allows you to change the temperature of your bed to ensure you get a balanced and desired temperature so that you can sleep soundly throughout the night. Additionally to the comfort it brings to your bedroom, it will also end battles over the thermostat and save money on your energy bill by cooling or heating your bed instead of your entire house! How about that?!

Via TrendHunter


Who loves to iron clothes? Nooobody! Dyson is obviously aware of this fact and that’s the reason why they came up with a great idea: the Dyson Cator’Shocks. It revisits ironing clothes by using heat and ultrasound to ease out the wrinkles. Yes, ultrasound! I love it when great technology and design come together! I’m just wondering if one day, someone will invent a device which will iron clothes by itself… I have a dream!

Via Yanko Design


Ever felt like becoming an explorer to find a treasure or simply because you like adventure and discovery? Then, you’ll like the OpenROV! What is it? It’s an open source robotic submarine designed to make underwater exploration possible for everyone.  It’s also an online community of professional and amateur ROV (remotely operated vehicle) enthusiasts on It comes as a kit which is a perfect introduction into the world of underwater exploration, but at this point it is very much a product for makers/developers. It’s a blast to play with, but you should be ready to tinker with it. The kit involves soldering, gluing, and wiring of electronics…

Via GizMag

That’s it for today! Let me know your thoughts by leaving me a comment sharing your ideas, or drop me a line on Twitter.