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July 7, 2012

Tech today

In a world where technology is shifting every day, it can be very hard to keep up with what’s new. But don’t panic, our final daily tech round-up of the week should keep you well and truly in the loop.


1. NASA to Mars

via The Verge

NASA has revealed the module that could be on its way to Mars…in 9 years. The Orion module arrived in Florida this week, and will undergo tests before a trial flight in a couple of years. Those must be some stringent tests! The heat is on, too, as we reported back in May – there are lots of people out there willing to try and get to Mars (or at least, get tourists in space) before them.


2. Spray on batteries

I remember the time when getting a set of these was the ultimate in tech geekism. Now my remote controlled car wasn’t going to eat up those allowance-gobbling AA’s every 5 minutes. All I had to do was wait 3 weeks for them to charge….well, overnight – but it felt like 3 weeks. Now, however, with the passage of time and the application of some super-sized brains, some boffins have come up with a way to spray paint the layers needed to make a battery on virtually any surface, making for implausibly thin rechargeable energy givers. Awesome, but I think I’ll let them explain:

via Auto Evolution (via Rice University)


3. Healthy pizza?

Finally for today, as it’s the weekend and time to relax a little, how about a little pizza? How about a pizza you can eat every single day?

via Can-India

Scientists in Scotland have developed a (non-deep fried) pizza that ‘are said to contain 30% of an adult’s guideline daily amount of vitamins and minerals’. Wow. Some of the ingredients used are a little left field, though – seaweed instead of salt, for example. By just giving a regular pizza a new twist, the chap genius behind the magic, Professor Mike Lean (really, he’s called Lean, and he developed a healthy food) reckons he can reduce health problems. Fair play to him, and I can’t wait to try one of his pizzas, although the delivery charge might be a little hefty.


That’s the tech stories that have caught my eye today, how about you? Got anything to add? Drop me a link in the comments, or use Twitter to get in touch.