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July 8, 2012

The Big Debate: Film vs Film

Here we go again with the Nokia Connects big debate! And since we’ve been having fun with film week , let’s go with a topic just about that shall we?

No doubt everyone loves a good film and if you don’t, well, you don’t know what you’re missing I can assure you. But anyway, let’s talk about where and what we watch our films on.

The Big Debate: Film vs Film

Watching the latest films in the cinema is always special. When you see everything on such a grand scale with the lights off everything seems so much more dramatic. However, since we can watch films with the phones in our pocket these days, how has that changed our preference on ‘going to the movies’?

via m4tik

If I so chose I can watch a film when I’m commuting or on a long car journey (providing I’m not driving of course), or when I’m in a waiting room, my dentist’s is usually favourite for this, or anywhere else you can think of. But, is it worth doing so on your mobile?

The smaller screen takes some of the appeal away and there’s the battery drain of course. Phones like the N8 are pretty nifty though, with their HDMI capabilities, because you can use them as a player and hook them up to a proper TV.

On the subject of proper TV, who prefers watching films on your screen at home… is there really a¬†substitute¬†for that? Personally, I think not. Having mobiles capable of watching films is awesome and can be very handy, but the majority of the time I’d opt for the cinema or a real screen… but that’s just me!

How about you… where do you watch your film? Let us know in the comments section and on Twitter.