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Pink 900 Front

The Nokia Lumia 900 stands apart in the smartphone market with solid polycarbonate construction, a beautiful ClearBlack Display, stunning  design, and with the simple and beautiful Windows Phone operating system. Presently, the popular Lumia 900 is sold from AT&T in white, black and the popular cyan color.

Today, we’re proud to announce the addition of a stunning new color that’s sure to make you stand out from the crowd. The Nokia Lumia 900 will soon be available in the US from AT&T in a beautiful pink color.

Pink Lumia 900 Camera

For those new to the Nokia Lumia 900, the new pink model joins a family of phones that feature a beautiful 4.3-inch screen with a powerful 1.4Ghz processor, 8 megapixel camera paired with Carl Zeiss lens that captures stunning images and crisp HD videos. Having the Lumia 900’s full featured camera is fantastic for summer photos of friends, kids and pets soaking up the summer fun!

One note about the pink color – this is not a case where pink paint is applied on the top layer. The Lumia 900 is polycarbonate, meaning it’s constructed of one piece of plastic – the unibody construction is pink all the way through. So, if you get a scratch on your Lumia 900, it won’t show obviously because of the amazing construction process.

The Lumia 900, powered by Windows Phone, has more than 100,000 apps available to it, including the Nokia exclusive application suite such as Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, ESPN, Camera Extras and many more.

Also, check out these top picks for apps on the pink Lumia 900:

  • Apict: allows you to take any photo and add instant camera affects. It’s very fun to snap summer photos and add a caption, just like a Polaroid and share them to Facebook for all to see.
  • Groupon: never miss out on a daily deal again. Also, with the app on your Lumia 900, you can purchase and use your Groupon without ever involving your printer.
  • Fruit Ninja: keep the kids entertained and perfect your own skills with this fruit chopping game.

How you can get your pink Lumia 900

Starting Sunday, July 15th, you can go to your AT&T Store in the US and order the pink Lumia 900 to be delivered via direct fulfillment, or visit to pre-order your pink phone.

So – what’s your favorite Lumia 900 color?¬† Will you be picking up a pink model?