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Delving into my song titles memory bank, I find Manic Monday (by the Bangles)…if yours is turning out that way, take a few minutes out to sit, read and possibly smile at what’s been tickling my chops this week.

R2D2 Cooler


Of course an R2D2 drinks can cooler wasn’t going to get past me! And when it’s part of a post called ’10 essentials for nerds hitting the beach’ imagine the way my eyes lit up! As well as the natty Star Wars droid that will keep your cool beverage exactly as icy as it was intended to be served, there are items on the list such as Marvel-inspired swimsuits for the little ones or geek-inis for the female fans (why nothing for the chaps?) The final piece to round out your beach set up and make you the envy of all around? The TARDIS beach towel. Oh, how this made me smile.


This video certainly made me smile. A few robots enjoying a morning moment together, when suddenly…

by Fluxel Media

The animation that has gone into this, and the ‘humanisation’ of the movements of the mechanical bots made me smile. Lots.


Shout out to my colleague Pierre for this one. He found a pretty neat gallery of Nokia N9 photographs from Detkó Dávid on Facebook that made him smile and included this active shot:

 Detkó Dávid Photo

via Detkó Dávid’s awesome gallery

Personally, I love the way every shot has been resized and attached to the original. Some pretty original shots in there, and more than a few that made me smile.


Finally for this week I handed the reins over to another colleague, Joe (why should I have all the fun?), who brought this Secret Cinema experience to my attention. From the video, it looks like there was some sort of interactive sci-fi experience that people showed up to without knowing why (one of those virally spread, word of mouth events) and those lucky enough to get a ticket ended up with a free screening of Prometheus.

via FutureShorts

Looks pretty cool, right? The reason it made me smile? I wasn’t being prodded and poked and made to run around.


Quick Grins

Wooden wallets for your pocket. What will they think of next?

How do you make sure the uneven steps at your New York subway station get fixed? Make a video of people tripping that gets almost 2 million hits.

Want to be immortalised for all time in your own Han Solo Carbon Freeze? No problem.

Is this the next stage in motion control? Go all Tom Cruise in Minority Report with this gadget.

Thanks to Cristian for this one. A guitar solo voice? Watch it to find out what made us smile.


That’s what’s been making me smile this week. Got any suggestions of your own? Drop me a link, a comment or something that happened to you this week that made you smile below, or fire your suggestions via Twitter using the #MakeMeSmileMonday tag.