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Software Updates

Continuing our tips and tricks series in the realm of software updates, Part II looks at exactly what steps to follow when you get the magic notification.

When you receive an update notification, just follow the simple steps below:

When it comes to App updates, for example the new Camera Extras, Counters, Contact share, and more that just got released, those you can do via the Marketplace. Just open the Marketplace from your homescreen or Apps list and check out if it tells you that there are updates available for your installed applications (with the latest software and Marketplace on your homescreen, you can see a notification next to the icon, showing you how many updates are available.)

For Symbian phones it works in quite a similar way, with the difference that you use Nokia Suite to update your phone or Nokia Software Updater (which is also used for Meego phones). Additionally some of the software updates may be available over the-air (e.g. using Wi-Fi), using the phone’s own software update application, so that you don’t even have to search for your USB cable and start up your computer.

Nokia apps that came pre-installed with the phone (for example Nokia Maps) can be updated also using either Nokia Suite or the phone’s own update application. Updates for any apps that you have downloaded from the Nokia Store are updateable via Nokia Store, i.e. you can check there if a new version is available.

So how do you fare when it comes to updating your software? Did you know all of the above, or is some news to you? Got anything else to share? Drop us a note on Twitter, or if you like you can share with everyone in the comments section below.