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July 10, 2012

"Nicotine Patch" Vaccines & Pink Lady Parking

An Australian inventor’s wife took his son to be vaccinated. She found the experience somewhat harrowing and asked him if he (above: Brisbane engineer Mark Kendall) would mind taking the boy the next time. His response? Eureka!

From the Herald Sun:

The Nanopatch works similarly to a nicotine patch, administering vaccine for skin absorption directly to areas where immune cells are most abundant, rather than the less-effective method of injecting into muscle.

“We’ve proven the Nanopatch now on the mouse model and demonstrated unprecedented, improved immune responses because of the way we target the skin’s immune system,” the University of Queensland biomedical engineering specialist said.

One word: genius.

China is appealing to the number one purchasers of products in all the world: women.

Business owners in the Chinese municipality of Tianjin have found an attractive way to appeal to a distinct market demographic – women – hoping that preferred “pink” parking places convenient to store entrances & exits will keep their female customers satisfied… and, keep ’em coming back for more! 

It is the kind of innovation only possible outside the United States. Can you imagine the uproar from women’s groups in the America if their parking spaces were painted pink and moved closer to stores? Gloria Steinem would reboot the movement!