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Romance of Rome gameplay

When we think of ancient Rome, we think of togas, gladiators and a conquering civilisation. Without being there, it’s difficult to know exactly what it was like. However, the new Romance of Rome game for Nokia Belle smartphones whisks you away to a land of mystery and excitement.

Naturally, as with any great adventure story, this one is about winning the heart of the Emperor’s daughter. But to do so, you must search the Roman Empire for legendary lost relics.

As you enter each scene you’ll need to find these lost relics and just tapping on them will collect them. Fortunately, it’s not just a big guessing game as the inventory of what you must find is shown below. You just simply have to find them.

Romance of Rome_02

With 30 levels across seven episodes, there’s lots of bounty to be found which should keep you busy for quite a while.

Along your treacherous journey you’ll earn money, unlock trophies and complete quests for your hard work. The money you earn can be used to customise your character to buy items of clothing, accessories or even a small dog.

Once you’ve found the missing artefacts and completed all the quests you’ll reveal the deepest secret. It’s this that will help you win the heart of the Emperor’s daughter.

With great, colourful graphics and easy to use interface this game is fun to play. However, it does take quite a long time to install, so be patient while it installs.

Romance of Rome is available now from Nokia Store and available for most Symbian smartphones.