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Nokia has been making great handsets for many years now. Most of the time, these sit in people’s pockets and are brought out in times of need to communicate. Sometimes, though, these beautifully crafted devices are given the spotlight they deserve and appear on TV in show series, movies or music videos.

Nokia phones on the big screen

We’ve investigated this topic and the list of appearances made by Nokia phones is extensive and we’re sure there are more out there that we don’t know about. It would be practically impossible for us to list them all.

However, let’s remind ourselves of some of the classic Nokia movie-moments, and then look at some of the newer ones.

The first Nokia smartphone that we know of to appear in a movie was the Nokia Communicator 9000 back in 1997. Val “The Saint” Kilmer uses it stop the enemy.

Then two years later, in 1999, Keanu Reeves whips out a Nokia 8110 from an envelope in The Matrix. Its (modified) spring-loaded slide springs into action and Neo has his first conversation with Morpheus.

It continued to be used as Neo’s communication device with the rebellion from “the real world” and made several appearances throughout the movie.

In 2008, The Dark Knight – most commonly knows as Christian Bale when he’s not playing Batman – sports the Nokia 5800 Xpress music and uses it to disrupt that bad guy’s security systems.

And a year later in 2009, an adolescent James T. Kirk – Star Trek – answers a carphone that rings with the familiar sound of the Nokia tune. A concept Nokia phone is glimpsed as the camera quickly flicks away during the high-speed car chase.

The hit US series Dexter shows a Nokia phone in series one. It’s a flip phone, and we believe it to be the Nokia 6101. However, if you know otherwise, we’ll be glad to hear your suggestions.

Nokia 6101 on Dexter
Nokia N8 on Dexter

That’s not the only phone to make an appearance in Dexter. This time it’s a smartphone and it shows its face in series 5. The protruding 12-megapixel camera undeniably belongs to the Nokia N8.

In 2010 TRON: Legacy hit the cinemas, and along with it, the Nokia N8 made another wide-screen debut. With some clever software installed on his Nokia N8, Sam Flynn hacked a door entry-system and was downloaded to The Grid moments later.

Just last month, the Nokia Lumia 900 in cyan appeared on season finale of Tim Kring’s (creator and writer of Heroes) Touch in the US, managing to stay on screen for quite a long period of time. A young boy is seen with it and is getting stuck into some apps.

Moving away from movies slightly and into music videos is the Nokia Lumia 710; as seen in Flo Rida’s Wild Ones ft. Sia video.

Swedish electronic rock band, Gravitonas three-minute video of Call Your Name shows a cyan Nokia Lumia 800 being used with the Nokia Music service.

In what is a rather cool sic-fi music video, M83’s ‘Reunion’ features a white Nokia Lumia 800. Nokia Drive is used to navigate the government officials to some telekinetic alien children.

And just a couple of days ago we saw a magenta Lumia 800 in British television soap opera series, Hollyoaks.

Have you seen a Nokia phone pop up on your TV or on the movie-screen lately? Let us know, in the comments below and we’ll add it to our list.