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July 13, 2012

The Week in Pictures: Great Britain special

It’s been quite a week as Great Britain gears up for the biggest sporting event on Earth in some of the rainiest weather the country has ever seen. But have no fear, we’re not going on a sport overload today on ‘The Week in Pictures’; we’ve also got a dolphin and a seal who are BFFs, tennis maestro Andy Murray showing actual emotion and much much more.

1. Mysterious crop circles in Richmond Park

via Royal Parks

Over in London’s Richmond Park, groundskeepers were charged with the task of mowing the biggest circles in the history of sport, at 300m across and 135m high. They used six shire horses to do the job, and quite a job it was – the rings are clearly visible for all air traffic coming into London’s Heathrow.

2. The Rolling Stones 50th anniversary

via badgreeb RECORDS

In a momentous occasion for one of the biggest and best bands in the world, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood all reunited this week at Somerset House in London to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first ever gig.

Launching an exhibition to mark the occasion at the classic venue, the boys looked as rock and roll as ever, with Mick proving no-one moves like Jagger in a sharp slim-cut royal blue suit. The guys hinted at a reunion show in the near future – has anyone else got their fingers crossed?

3. Missiles ahoy in London

via Defence Images

With echoes of scenes from WW2, 3500 servicemen were this week drafted back into London to tighten security for the up and coming sport event of the year.

They join the 13,500 servicemen who have already been taken on to protect the city, making the total number of soldiers in London larger than that currently fighting the Taliban. In a controversial move, soldiers began installing surface-to-air missiles on rooftops and open spaces around London, including on a residential building where residents this week lost their bid to deny the forces access in setting up defences above their beds.

4. Dolphin seals the deal

via Ashtar (Newspix via Rex USA)

All the way from Australia, where weird animals are admittedly par for the course, Jet and Miri, a baby dolphin and baby seal, have become unlikely BFFs. The pair share a home at the Pet Porpoise Pool in Coffs Harbour, a rescue and rehab marine centre for sea animals, and have no idea that, if they lived in the wild, they would most likely be mortal enemies in their fight for the same supper.

5. The crying Scotsman

via Metro

In a dramatic Wimbledon final, an emotional Andy Murray finally admitted defeat as Federer polished him off by winning his seventh Wimbledon singles title. With everyone from his girlfriend to Kate Middleton turning on the waterworks, the famously unemotional Scot endeared himself to the nation when he cried during an emotional defeat speech.

It’s been quite a week, all in all! Have you snapped any shots you think are worthy of The Week in Pictures? Let me know in the comments section or catch us on Twitter.