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Once again I have the rare and beautiful honour of taking over Make Me Smile Monday from Tom this week. He is enjoying a well earned holiday right now. Smiling is a funny old thing isn’t it. It’s amazing that you might find something funny but the person next to you wouldn’t even consider a smile, let alone a LOL (more commonly known as a  ‘laugh out loud’).

Let’s hope today that I can make both you and the person sitting next to you smile….here goes!



I think I write too many words sometimes on Nokia Connects, so today I’m going to let my videos and photos do the talking:

– Here is Mike Tompkins doing a remix of Skrillex Cinema & Santigold Disparate Youth…with his MOUTH! Mike is a singer songwriter who produces all of his own sounds using just his voice and some fancy recording equipment.



Here is world’s first Lego Colosseum made out of 200,000 bricks. That’s a lot of man hours! Take note, I think that’s the Popemobile waiting outside the Colosseum in the second photo below!

Lego Closseum
Lego Colosseum

 via My Modern Met


Isn’t this the most entertaining ‘sport face’ you’ve ever seen? It looks like this guy’s head is about to explode!


via Vice Magazine on Facebook


Err, ouch! This is for all of those people out there who accidently fell down some stairs this weekend. It happens to the best of us.

via Funnyordie


Whilst I was at Funnyordie I also saw this beauty below. So I thought, I’m going to post two Funnyordie videos! I’m a renegade. If you’ve not already seen the famous video that this is parodying then check it out here.

via Funnyordie


That’s it for now, I hope I made at least one person at home smile (that’s enough to make me happy!). If you smile, laugh or cry (with laughter) at anything online this week then drop me a link to it on Twitter and there’s every chance we’ll feature you! Have a good week folks.