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It’s all about new films, planes and firefigher helmets today on Nokia Connects. The wonderful world of technology is about to amaze us again. Oh and not forgetting some lovely singing from the cast of Doctor Who.

The annual Comic-Con conference has thrown up a few surprises this year. Some of you film and comic book fans out there will be glad to hear that they are remaking both Superman and Godzilla! Both of the classic titles are pressing reset, the first Superman film will be called ‘Man of Steel’ and Godzilla looks like it will be self-titled according to the film poster from Legendary Entertainment.

Man of Steel

via Wired

Also, here is a little something for all you Doctor Who fans out there. The stars of the show – Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill all sang Bohemian Rhapsody to the crowd – during an intimate talk about the iconic show.



I will believe this when I see it (if it’s actually possible to see it that is!). The U.S military aims to fly a rocket plane at 20 times the speed of sound by 2016. To put that into context, it is roughly 13,000 mph or Mac 20, meaning that the military will be able to reach any place in the world within an hour.


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A new helmet will enable firemen to see through smoke and even hear victims screaming. The helmet has wire framing technology built into it which allows firemen to map out their surroundings and locate casualties more efficiently. Everything that happens during a fire is also recorded via the helmet so there is no longer any need for long arduous reports about incidents. Head here for more info about this revolutionary piece of technology.


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What has amazed you from the world of tech today? Did you make an appearance at Comic-Con? Let me know below or ping me something in 140 characters on Twitter.