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Nokia 808 PureView camera closeup

The Nokia PureView 808 is now on sale in the USA on and new owners are opening their boxes and setting up their phones.

This post will serve as a guide to first-timers who want to get the best applications the Nokia Store has to offer to accompany the fantastic 808 PureView and its amazing camera technology.

The social networking powerhouse

Gravity is by far the most popular app amongst my friends who own the 808 PureView. The application is first and foremost an amazing Twitter client, with lock screen notifications to keep you in the loop on misses messages, a fast and amazing interface, and full support for all your favorite Twitter features. Gravity also works as a client for Facebook, Foursquare, Google Reader and StatusNet.  The app costs $9.99 and can be found in the Nokia Store.

Easy access to your favorite app

Do you have one app you use multiple times throughout the day?  Perhaps it’s your favorite messaging application or Twitter app. ShakeAndGo accomplishes one thing – and it does it well. With this app, simply shake your phone and the app launches. I know a few WhatsApp users who rely on this shortcut to access their missed messages easily.

Give it a shot – it’s a mere $0.99 in the Store.

Listen to Internet radio

Do you have an Internet based radio station that you couldn’t live without?  Perhaps you can’t work without Soma.FM’s Groove Salad in your ears. Check out Nokia Internet Radio – the app works over 3G or Wi-Fi to give you beats and music no matter where you are. You can even favorite stations for easy access later.

Access and control your phone from the home screen

Widgets on the home screen are a really nice feature – and Extra Buttons allows you to place anywhere from 2-4 additional buttons on your 808 PureView’s screen. You can select amongst these options: lock/restart button, task switcher, brightness control, and battery/power saving mode. Extra Buttons gives you quick access to the system preferences.

Add filters and effects to photos

It seems snapping a photo and adding cool filters is all the rage these days. Molome is the best app for adding filters and then sharing photos via social networks such as Twitter.  To use Molome – download the application, shoot a photo, apply your filters and affects and share. The Molome community is strong and allows you to “Love” others photos and see popular ones on the network.

Enhance your standby screen

By default, the standby screen is pretty boring on the 808 PureView. It shows the time, date and a notification of missed calls or SMS messages. However, if you want to spice it up, check out Nokia Sleeping Screen. This attractive and functional app adds nice visuals and a more interactive and interesting display showing all the before-mentioned notifications, along with email alerts. Sleeping Screen is highly customizable and functional too.

Show your photos and videos on your TV

Of course the 808 PureView has an amazing camera – and displaying your captured photos and videos on to your TV can be done in an easy step with Nokia Play To. Using DLNA, Play To (you will need a Smart TV, Xbox 360 or similar DLNA receiver connected to your TV) pushes the images and pushes the images and videos to your TV, showing off your amazing pics on your TV. This is a very cool app.

Master Flickr on your 808 PureView

There’s no denying that Flickr is one of the web’s best sites for sharing photos. FlickrUp is an app that unlocks Flickr on your 808 PureView – making it possible to view your photo stream, photos from your Flickr contacts and explore photos from the all Flickr users. I like the upload capabilities on FlickrUp – allowing you to queue your uploads from the 808 and manage the process from beginning to end.

What are your favorite apps for the 808 PureView?