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Running a small to medium sized business (SMB) is a balancing act. Between non-stop meetings, keeping on top of office communications and managing expenses, those who work at or own their own business can be stressed.

Thankfully, for Nokia Lumia owners, there are a suite of apps that keep you connected to your enterprise, no matter where you go. If your business uses common business desktop systems, you’ll be happy to know your Lumia is well equipped to mobilize your office work.

Phones like the Nokia Lumia 900, Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 are perfect for those in business because the phones can easily switch from personal phones to enterprise-connected productivity machines in no time. Let’s dig in and see what apps business folk should be sure they are using on a daily basis.

Coresuite Mobile

Businesses live and die based on data, and being in touch with your organization’s ERP system is vital to your productivity. Coresuite allows you to access your ERP reports, and important contact information of your business partners and contacts into your Lumia’s address book. Coresuite Mobile supports SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, which are two of the most common cloud-based ERP systems in place today.

coresuite graph

coresuite contact

Business Expense Tracker

Keeping tabs on your business expenses can be tedious and monotonous. Business Expense Tracker helps you keep tabs on the most common expenses any business trip woudl include. The well designed home screen has easy-to-access options such as meal, mileage, airfare and so on. Then, you enter the expense, track your payment method and generate/email reports on the fly. It’s quite handy.

BusinessExpenseTracker homescreen

BusinessExpenseTracker report

Plancentric Timesheet

Timesheets are another fact of business that cost valuable time and expense when running a business. For companies that use Plancentric, you’ll be happy to know that Plancentric Timesheet is available in the marketplace and makes it possible to track activities, costs and billable time all on your mobile. This app is a great mobile extension of your timesheet.

plancentric calendar

plancentric tracking

Stay in the know with Yammer

Yammer is a popular service for intra-company communications. Think of it as a private Twitter-like service that can serve as a virtual water cooler. Yammer allows you to communicate with co-workers down the hall, down the street or across the Internet. Regular Yammer users are aware of the great web service and Mac and PC apps.

Also, Yammer is available for Windows Phone, meaning you can be in the think of conversation, even if you’re on the go. I like to keep up with office chatter while I’m waiting in lines or at the doctor’s office, for example.

Yammer threads

Yammer bio

Yammer for Nokia Lumia lets you post messages, receive notifications of missed messages and receive updates all on your phone. If your company uses Yammer (or will soon), load up the app and don’t miss a beat even through you’re not at your desk.

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