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Batman. Iconic. Timeless. User of gadgets. Across the 50 year time line that Batman has been on the big screen (since his debut in 1966) Batman has used some crazy gadgets to get him out of a tight squeeze and we’ve picked a few of the best (a sonic bat call, shark repellent and a batarang number amongst the tools that didn’t make our list).

Bat Cape

Often copied, but never bettered, the Bat Cape is an iconic and integral part of the whole Batsuit ensemble, without it he’d just be ‘the Crusader’.


via Dvice

From a simple ‘raise over the head to shield from fire/bullets/hail of wrath’ move in the very first film to flying through the air from the tops of tall buildings in the Dark Knight series, the Bat Cape is essential to the Batman. Never seen without it while acting as caped vigilante, Bruce Wayne even came up with his own design in the last film.

Grapple gun

Listed variously as ‘could kill you if you owned one’ and ‘almost available today’ and ‘cannot possibly exist’, the grapple gun is another of Batman’s staple tools. Always hanging from his utility belt (more of which later), the grapple gun is seen in all of the Batman films.


via MrReid

The latest version, as designed by Lucian Fox in The Dark Knight is ‘tested to 350 pounds’ and has a magnetic hook (or bat). But would it yank an arm out of a socket? A mere mortal, probably. Batman? Not a chance.

Bat Pod

Yeah, you thought it was called a Batcycle didn’t you? It isn’t. Well, it used to be, but times move on and it is more than a motorcycle now.


via Return of the Cafe Racers

Look out for some stunning moves in the The Dark Knight Rises next week.

Bat Boat

I saw this last week. For real. I touched it. I touched the Bat Boat! You’ll never guess where it is (well, you might from the photo). Leave your guesses in the comments.


via my trip to…

The Batboat has also evolved over time, and it doesn’t even appear in all the films (if there’s no water involved, it’s generally not needed). Just touching it made me smile (even though it was dusty – if I’d have been in charge, I would be polishing it every day).


From the original vehicle as seen in the BAM! POW! WHACK! original era (anyone want them to bring that back for fight sequences?), the Batmobile has seen improvements and modifications over time until it has reached its current form:

via Screenrant

Not sure about you, but I think the original almost looks better than the modern counterpart. Looks-wise, sure, but probably wouldn’t survive a direct RPG strike.

via TheExtreme1987

Utility belt – original

Last but by no means least, the famous Utility belt. Seen strapped round Batman’s waist since 1966, this is where he keeps all his vital tools for making an escape or arresting a psychotic bad guy and bringing him in to Commissioner Gordon. The items on the belt seem to change from film to film (even from week to week if you watch the original series) depending on what’s needed for the situation (shark repellent? Sure! Wasn’t there last week, won’t be there next week, but this week when there’s sharks, here it is!)

via Unreality Mag

In fact, an original utility belt toy fetched over $16,000 at auction!

That’s what I think are Batman’s best gadgets through time, but I’m always open to further suggestions. What do you think could be added to the list? And where did I see the Bat Boat? Leave a comment, or let me know via Twitter.