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The Open Championship is one of the most historic and celebrated events in all of world sport. In honor of its beginning Thursday, today we look at two innovations from the golf universe.

A Canadian man (from a place called Nanaimo) has developed a device to eliminate one of the major issues facing amateur golfers:

The “Puttometer” is a machine that is designed to help golfers develop control over the ball on the green.

Raymond Penner developed a system now used by some television networks to accurately predict a golf putt for TV viewers. Building on that success, Penner teamed up with two other Vancouver Island University professors to create a portable device golfers can use in their at home to work on their putting stroke.

Unfortunately for the development team, the recession has created market forces out of their control that made for poor timing for release of their product.

The rebounding economy, however, has led to increased interest in the device and a belief it may saturate the market within the next year.

A Sandusky, Ohio man (won’t someone change the name of that town) was unable to hit a golf ball with any power or keep his feet level on the putting green. So he did what many individuals with a problem have done. He solved it with an invention.

The platform, covered in artificial turf, slants inward and forces you to stabilize your core through the entire golf swing.

“It forces you to shift your weight to the insteps of the foot,” said Moore.

The platform is used for all aspects of the golf game including pitching, driving, chipping and putting.

“Most people miss the short putts simply because they either move or they come off the ball and this also will help you feel your putts,” Moore said.

The Perfect Balance Swing and Fitness System is not only used to help you with your golf swing, but it can also help you improve your fitness.

Does it work? Who knows? But one day someone will invent something to eliminate my slice.