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Nokia 808 PureView with HDMI cable

The Nokia 808 PureView, with its revolutionary camera phone technology, is the mobile phone that everyone has been talking about since it was unveiled earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Recently, there has been less talking and more wide-eyed wonder as people are beginning to see for themselves the astonishing capabilities of the phone.

The Internet is buzzing with blogs and picture galleries that are eager to show off the device’s astonishing images and even as a great way of capturing concert footage.

If you’re one of the people who’ve got an 808 PureView already, you can relax in the smug knowledge that you are the envy of the mobile world.

What else could you possibly want?

Well, as you would expect from a monster camera phone, the 808 PureView also has some frighteningly wicked accessories to go with it.

 The tripod mount

Tripod mount for the Nokia 808 PureView

All serious photographers will have a tripod and as a serious camera phone, one of the first accessories you should consider for your 808 PureView is the Nokia HH-23 tripod mount.

This allows you to attach your 808 PureView (in fact, it’ll work for most Nokia camera phones, including the Lumia smartphones) to a standard tripod.

The HH-23 is both compact and adjustable and is the perfect bit of kit that will allow you to take perfectly steady images and video.

The case

Case for the 808 PureView

There are plenty of generic cases that will fit the 808 PureView but the aficionados among you will only be considering the Nokia CC-3046.

This is a specially designed hard cover case with a shock absorbing lining and has a unique ‘eye-patch’ to protect the camera lens. Nifty.

The case also lets you have easy access to all the phone’s buttons and connectors. 

There are some nice photos of the red version of the CC-3046 in this blog.

The portable charger

Nokia DC-16

So, you’ve been trekking for hours up some difficult terrain. You reach your destination and the view is just as stunning as you had hoped for.

Excitedly, you get your camera out to take some pictures and make the moment last forever. Unfortunately, the battery is dead… It’s happened to all of us.

The Nokia DC-16 is a portable charger to guard against such calamities from ever happening to you ever again.

This is a universal USB charger that can give your 808 PureView a full charge, wherever you happen to be.

You may also want to consider the Nokia Dual Charger DC-20, which lets you charge up to two devices from your car.

The headset

Nokia Luna Headset

Lost in all the hype about its wonderful camera, it is easy to forget that the 808 PureView is also a phone.

The Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset is the perfect accessory for you to make hands-free calls on the 808 PureView.

The stylish headset houses an ultra-clear speaker and a sensitive microphone for crackle-free conversations.

On a single charge, the Nokia Luna will last for six days on standby and give you up to eight hours of talk time.

The music receiver

The Nokia 808 PureView is a fantastic device for both recording and playing music.

The MD-310 Music Receiver lets you take it one step further by hooking up your 808 PureView to a home stereo system.

Once the receiver has been attached, you can then wirelessly stream CD quality music from your phone through the home stereo.

Have you got a Nokia 808 PureView yet? What are your favourite accessories?