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As we’ve gone all superhero this week in anticipation of The Dark Knight Rises release, we thought we’d take a look at what the future holds for the men and women of steel, the caped crusaders, the masked vigilantes that will be rife in a few years’ time (maybe).

So we started throwing some ideas round at Nokia Connects Towers, seeing who could come up with something a little different to ‘laser eyes’ or ‘breathing underwater’. Admittedly, some of the powers are not all about saving the world or defeating evil, but more about making life more…interesting.



How about the ability to pause time whenever you like? Maybe get a 10 second rewind to cover up any errors that you make in life – like sending that text to the wrong number, the email that should never have gone to your boss. Or if you’re late for something and miss a crucial incident (could be a shooting, could be a goal at the football). What about enjoying an ice cream so much you just rewind and start it all over again, but with the knowledge that it’s going to be amazing? Would that make it better the second time round? Or would you want the experience untainted by prior knowledge?

Neo Stopping Bullets

via Allied Modders

You could use the power to play with time in all sorts of ways. But who watches the Watchman?


Net Guy

Being able to control the internet, or even better control people via the internet would be pretty cool (Paul thought so, and he was supported in this idea by Techy). Imagine the scene – the alert goes off in the massive cave showing that someone somewhere is planning something evil using a website or popular 140 character messaging site. You sit and look at a screen, thinking ‘Stop doing that, you naughty people.’ They stop. The world would be a much better place.

Mind Control

via The Electric Typewriter

Kind of like the security services try to do, but better, and using your mind powers…


You’re all superheroes to us

We opened it up to you guys on Twitter and got some great suggestions – Michael Hell has always wanted to fly (we all dream of it from time to time, and it would mean he could come see me in Vancouver!) and Hradayesh wants to be invisible (hanging out in meetings and the kitchen at work, you might learn a lot about what people are saying). On a mobile tip, Shashank would like an infinite battery and no roaming charges, while Rohit thought Near Field Communications to fellow Avengers and The Dark Knight would be cool (as would a power to connect people).

The best suggestion that we had was from Nino who wanted the ability to teleport (certainly quicker and cheaper than flying, but not sure about my molecules being rearranged constantly).


via NeoGaf

Well, done Nino, there will be some exciting swag heading your way soon!


Some excellent suggestions there, but what would you choose? Let us know in the comments (be as imaginative as you can!), or drop us your new power via Twitter, using the #NCSuperHeroes tag.