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Another day, another Tech today with us at Nokia Connects! In today’s menu we’ll have robots for starter, a very special kind of glasses as main course and Lego for desert. Bon appétit!

So first, let me ask you a question: are you sitting comfortably? The answer is probably yes unless you like surfing on the web laying down on the floor, in which case this doesn’t apply. Anyway, could you say exactly how comfortable you are right now, a precise measurement? Well, car-maker Ford came up with a robot to measure the comfort of their car seats, and it’s only right since you mostly sit in a car! More info on the video below:


Next up is a very special kind of glasses that will probably be life-changing for the visually impaired. Indeed, this ground-breaking piece of technology developed by a group of researchers at the University of Jerusalem is aiming at translating images into sounds. By allocating each colour to a different musical instrument, the EyeMusic could allow blind people performing tasks such as grocery shopping. When innovation improves life, we say yes!

Eye Music


And last but least on today’s Tech round-up, we have a pretty special piece of Lego art, or should we say, technology. Jet engine and car-maker Rolls Royce rolled up their sleeves to recreate a jet engine out of Lego. How many pieces? 152,455. How many hours to complete? We don’t want to know! Rolls Royce hopes this project will drive younger generations’ interest in sciences and technology. Good initiative!


That’s it for today in technology, see you tomorrow!