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Pills from Pod

Bristol, England’s Lorna Perks was diagnosed with breast cancer.  But like many of the individuals we’ve profiled in these parts, Ms. Perks took her situation and turned it into an opportunity for innovation.

After being sent home from hospital with a bag of pills she realised that taking medication at the right time could be confusing for patients and set about developing a dispenser that minimises the chances of accidentally overdosing.

She said: “The Pillpod enables seriously ill patients to take medication safely, properly and on time. It is a pill dispenser that is completely different to anything else on the market, which will especially help elderly and disabled people.

“Taking a lot of medication can be quite confusing and that can lead them to taking it wrongly.”

Does this require any additional commentary? No. Just applause. And here she is. And now for something completely different…

As developing nations struggle to solve their power issues, a scientist has created a football that is capable of powering a home for three hours after only thirty minutes of play. More info:

Called the Soccket, the revolutionary ball builds up enough energy to power a light for three hours from just 30 minutes of play, Daily Mail reports.

The clever invention is made from materials found in developing countries and costs only slightly more than a normal high end ball to produce.

The idea — which initially came from hi-tech dance floor which can capture energy from dancers’ movement– combines football –the world’s most popular sport– with the huge need for electricity in developing countries – a staggering one in five people around the globe are without power.

The ball, which has been trialled in South Africa, is waterproof, durable and doesn’t need to be inflated. It uses inductive coil technology which involves having a metal coil and magnetic slug that goes forwards and backwars.

Fun becomes light.