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Rubbish Amusement Park

It’s a rubbish edition of tech today on Nokia Connects. Find out why!

OK, so when I say rubbish, It’s a good kind of rubbish, the kind that takes bottle. Ugandan artist and teacher Ruganzu Tusingwire has built an amusement park using recycled materials. The park even won the 2012 TED prize at the TEDxSummit in Qatar this year – impressive! Read the full story and find out why this is one amazing park.

Staying in Africa, we’ve also seen Portable Power Kits¬†which are helping the energy market in Africa as electricity sockets are much harder to come by than in Europe and the U.S. – full low down available here.

The other interesting bit of news which caught my attention was the ‘Heart Starting Vest‘ which does what it says on the tin. Pretty amazing considering not everyone is versed is CPR and so these could save your life one day.

That’s it for today folks, if you happen to see any more super cool tech today, then let us know over at @Nokia_Connects