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Man (or woman) that was a busy week! Today I’ve rounded up some of the best photos from the last seven days; including the Calgary Stampede (an alternative to the Pamplona bull run in New Orleans) and some awesome work from Nokia-wielding photographers. I’m not going to spoil the images with too many words, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

1. True Image of Pakistan

Khurram Ali has been busy with his Nokia N8, snapping what he says is the true image of Pakistan. There are some great shots in his set. Expect to see plenty of gorgeous lakes and mountains.

2. Calgary Stampede

It was the 100th Calgary Stampede this week, and this image perfectly sums up the friendly battle between animal and man. In this case, ‘Uncle Joe’ has got the better of rider Cody Lane.

via Calgary Sun

3. Dragonfly

Detko Dave has a Nokia PureView 808, and he’s not afraid to use it. No more words needed…

via ImageShack

4. New Orleans alternative bull run

There aren’t many angry bulls in New Orleans, but they still have their own bull run. Only this time, the bulls are girls on roller blades wielding foam baseball bats. When they catch a runner, instead of a nasty goring, they get a soft rap from a soft bat. Just so happens I was in town when this occurred but somehow I missed it! Oh well, an excuse to go back next year…

New Orleans Bull Run

via Laughing Squid

5. Ideal beach shot

The sand may not be quite white enough, the ocean not calm enough, but the best beach is the one you’re sitting on, right? Well, Tyler Ingram wins ‘most ideal beach shot of the day’.



Have you seen any awesome pics that you think should be included in this list next week? Snapped anything special on your Nokia recently that you’d like to share? Drop us a link in the comments, or let us know on Twitter.