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Time for a little weekend fun now. We’ve found a few images lying around the Nokia Connects office where the design team have clearly been doodling while looking at both phones and famous artworks. It’s your job to let us know which artists are represented by which Nokia phones.

All you have to do is leave a comment with the name of the phone and the artist to be crowned King or Queen of Mobile Art. Your chance to couple your geeky phone love with a high brow love of art.


1. Named after a small country in Europe, this Pop Art legend has created some iconic images.

Ring Ring


2. This Nigerian artist (possibly the best known from that country) moved to live in Vancouver before settling in Atlanta. Working with paint, pop art screen printing and sculpture, he’s a man of many talents.

Pop Art Screen Print


3. Born in The Netherlands and buried in New York, this artist has a hotel named after him in Los Angeles.


4. This French artist took up painting after he was recovering from appendicitis two years after qualifying in law in Paris. He changed his style several times, and is most famous for the style seen below.


5. Last, but not least, this moustachioed artist is famous for painting melting things.

Melted Painting


So there are the 5 Nokia-inspired art designs. Just leave a comment like this:

1. Artist – Phone
2. Artist – Phone

You get the idea. I’ll crown the King/Queen of Nokia Art next week, and let you know the answers.