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Awesome weather

We’re happy to announce a new version of The Weather Channel app only for your Nokia Lumia with a re-vamped look and feel, unique social weather tie-ins with the People Hub and some other really cool features.

All weather apps can provide weather data such as temperature, current conditions and a forecast for the coming days. The new Weather Channel app does this extremely well, in fact, the entire application has been re-designed to bring the most important data up front to the app user. However, it’s the new social features that set this weather app apart.

First, let’s look at My Friends Weather – Import your top 5 Facebook friends and see how weather is affecting your friends and family. Is a storm headed towards your mom? Text, email or call her right from the app. Ready to waterski at your best friend’s lake house? Know the weather before they do and invite yourself for a visit.

Social Weather Alerts – if there is a breaking weather event for your social network, you’ll be the first to know about it. It’s nice to know when something adverse is headed your friends’ way!

Sometimes you want to know when the perfect weather conditions are coming up. Perhaps you want to host a garage sale and want temps in the 70’s with no chance of rain, to sell all your stuff. Amazing Day Alerts will give you a personalized heads-up when the weather is ideal for your favorite activity.

Have an amazing weather moment to share? Whip out your phone and capture a panoramic image of a storm cloud or other weather event and your photo might be seen on The Weather Channel or on To see other image captures, go to and view the gallery

In addition, the app continues global Live Tile support, get expert forecast details, national weather and storm watch updates from your favorite cities right on your start screen.

Plus, don’t forget to check out the cool Augmented Reality feature.  See the weather in a new way. Simply hold up your phone camera and scan the horizon for current, user-submitted photos posted from the same direction in which you are looking.

The Weather Channel has designed their app for Nokia Lumia phones to be a premier source for weather data and with social integration, you can take you weather experience to a whole new level! Only on Nokia Lumia! Download the updated version from your Lumia phone in Marketplace today.

Photo credit: paul bica