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You may not know it yet but the Nokia Lumia 900 is a great phone for all you foodies out there. Whether you’re eating out or cooking at home you can find, eat, photograph and cook your favourite foods from around the world. All you need is a few apps from the Windows Marketplace and then you are ready to roll, because you already have a 4.3 inch screen and 8-Megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens!

We would love you to demonstrate how easy it is by trying our challenge below. It’s simple, use your Nokia Lumia 900 to recreate a restaurant meal, but better!

via NickNguyen

Eat Out

For starters

Open up the Foodspotting app* and search for dishes near you. Have a look through the images and find a meal that you’d like to eat.

Try it for yourself

Find the restaurant name and book a table. With built in Nokia Maps, voice-guided Nokia Drive and a Nokia Public Transport app*, the phone will help you get there.

Review and remember

When the food arrives you should have no problem remembering it with the help of the Nokia Lumia 900’s 8-Megapixel camera – with an f2.2 aperture setting for improved performance in the low light environment of a restaurant. The phone’s massive 4.3 inch screen means you can take as many notes as you like without constantly scrolling up and down. You’ll need all the details later.

Nice shot?

You can share the picture on Twitter or Facebook (or both) with a few easy touches.


Now it’s your turn. Make that dish you ate above, but better!


You can start from scratch, and use your years of experience to match the recipe, flavour by flavour. Alternatively, open up the free Epicurious app* and rifle through 30,000 recipes for inspiration.

Follow along

The huge screen is great for watching videos, so if your techniques need refreshing, you can open up YouTube and follow the pros.

Plate and display

When your dish is complete, make sure it’s looking its best with these tips for the Lumia 900 camera:

Let it shine

The f2.2 aperture setting on the Lumia 900 is designed to ensure better photos in low light, but if there’s natural light available to you, use it.

Consider the framing

Make sure everything in the shot plays a part in the photo, be creative with your angles, and make the food the focus!

Adjust the settings

Manually set the white balance if you have time, or use the Autofix function if you don’t, to give your photos a little more pop. You can always use the Nokia-built Creative Studio app to perfect things later.

Great Results

Now we have told you about the challenge why don’t you think about uploading a blog post over the weekend about how you recreated the restaurant dish. You could show the two dishes side by side and tell us how the Nokia Lumia 900 has helped you create a meal fit for the foodspotters. Alternatively tweet us your pictures and comments using the hashtag #NokiaFoodChallenge.

*These applications and many more are available for download to your Lumia. Simply click on the Marketplace tile on your homescreen to explore. Note that app availability may vary from country to country.