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ESPN Radio

Today, we’re happy to announce ESPN Radio has arrived on Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia, bringing the best radio broadcasts from across the ESPN Radio universe into the palm of your hands.

It doesn’t matter what team or sport you’re trying to track – ESPN Radio brings over 35 ESPN Radio Podcasts and customizable stations to your Lumia.

Are you a SportsCenter fan? You can now listen on-demand as the industry-leading sports program is updated every 20 minutes. ESPN Radio also brings live broadcasts of all ESPN Radio stations, ESPN Radio Network and ESPN Deportes.

ESPN Radio Home

ESPN SportsCenter

Plus, listen to every game of the World Series, College Bowl Games, BCS Championship game, Wimbledon, US Open Golf and every college football game that ESPN Radio broadcasts.

ESPN Radio also shows you the most popular stories in real-time for your listening pleasure and is updated throughout the day. You can give the story a thumbs up or down based on your impression of the article.

ESPN Radio Trending

ESPN Radio Station List

You can mark your favorite ESPN station, and for each station, you can view what’s on live, what’s being discussed on Twitter and even view the upcoming schedule. ESPN Radio even allows you to listen to shows offline as you can download on-demand audio content.

For sports fans, this app is a must have. It takes the best sports programming on the radio and makes it on demand so you can keep up to date on your team and hear it from your favorite ESPN station, no matter where on the globe that ESPN station might be.

Check it out in Marketplace on your Nokia Lumia.

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