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It’s dark. You get up in the middle of the night for that oft-dangerous walk to the toilet. You find the bathroom. Do your business. And on the return trip…CRACK! You slam your toe into the bed post. It hurts. You scream. The wife wakes up. The night is ruined.

Not anymore. Some folks in Massachusetts believe they’ve solved the problem.

“Toe Guard” decorative pads would attach to the corners of bedposts. The pads are designed to protect a user against injuries, such as painful stubbed toes. Suitable for use in homes, hotels, hospitals and more, Toe Guard could add a stylish touch to the bedpost as well as providing added peace of mind.    

Toe Guard would consist of pads that would be made of memory foam covered with cotton fabric. Each guard would measure 18 inches tall, 2 inches long and 18 inches wide. The guards would be shaped to contour around corners. The guards would be held in place by cords or hook-and-loop fastener strips. Toe Guard could be producible in different colors, designs and shapes and could be made with different fabric and stuffing. The pads could also be attached via other methods.

These should literally come with every single bed frame ever purchased anywhere.

It is called the Bunny Bag. And I won’t bother explaining what a video can explain far better.