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A few stories to make you smile this week – from a jellyfish that’s a rat, to how much it would cost to be Batman (**spoiler** – we might have to mortgage Nokia Connects Towers to be even close…to the cost of the cowl), to geeky wedding ideas.

via rik1p

Inspired by this geeky seating plan for a wedding that made me smile and wish I’d thought of it for my own wedding, I went hunting for other geeky wedding ideas. Seems there’s quite a few of them out there!

The best place I found, was this Geeky Wedding page that’s packed with not just ideas, but actual examples of leftfield wedding photos, ideas and gimmicks. Like this one:

via Geeky Wedding


Got $682,450,750 (or £438,652,181 or 557,526,867€ or Rs. 37,858,926,812)? Then you could be Batman.

via MoneySupermarket

Makes me smile, actually, at how little it costs. Take away the house, and it’s possible that someone, somewhere has the wealth to make it happen. Maybe…


Augmented reality is already with us (in the form of Nokia City Lens for one), but Sight takes it one step further into the future. With a twist at the end:

Think this is close? Made me smile, especially the ‘paying with your eyes’.


Quick Grins

Cristian popped up again suggesting I have a look at a scary video. Ended up making me smile.

Never miss another garbage basketball shot again. Video on this Japanese site.

A jellyfish made from a rat’s heart.


Seen anything this week that’s made you smile? Pop me a link in the comments, or whack it on Twitter using the #MakeMeSmileMonday tag.