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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Total Recall and The Bourne Legacy. All are, or set to be, great 2012 films. But how do you know they will be any good before you purchase that ticket? Watch the trailer first using Nokia Trailers on your Nokia Lumia.

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[do action=”boxout”]Download Nokia Trailers now

  1. Press the Search button on your Nokia Lumia and then tap Vision
  2. Scan the barcode
  3. Tap on the link when it appears on the screen
  4. Install the application from the Windows Phone Marketplace[/do]

To be honest, I didn’t really want to see Total Recall until I watched the trailer. I didn’t think anybody could make a better version than the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger version. However, the trailer has impressed me and I’ll be buying a ticket when it comes out. I’m sure most of you feel the same way; it’s the trailer that sells a movie. With¬†Nokia Trailers you can either stream them for instant viewing or download them for watching later.

While fast-paced, action-packed cutscenes are important in grabbing people’s attention and therefore their money, Nokia Trailers offers more.

The Trailer is no good without a synopsis to put what you’re seeing into context. There’s extra information about the movie like who’s starring in it, who directed it and how other people are rating the movie. Votes can either make or break a movie. You’ll probably not watch a movie if it’s only received a thumbs up from 25 per cent of people. If you like a movie, or can’t wait to watch it, the voting system is there for you to make your mark.

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Nokia Trailers isn’t just about the new movies coming out; it’s about making sure you don’t miss them. You can add films to your watchlist and have your phone remind you when the movie is about to premiere. Be the first amongst your friends to watch the latest movie.

If you want to be kept up to date with news of the latest movies, Nokia Trailers can notify you on any new trailers when they’re announced.

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As with any movie, it’s better to share the experience with friends. Within any movie section of the app, you have the option to share the trailer with your friends via SMS, email or by using the Windows Phone Social plugin. This means you can share the trailer with anybody via Windows Live, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. They’ll then receive a link showing the trailer being played on a Nokia Lumia. It’s up to you then to coordinate your friends and get them to the cinema on time.

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But which cinema? The Movie Theatres section uses your phone’s GPS to locate you and show the nearest cinemas.

Download Nokia Trailers today and uncover a gem of a movie, right from your Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 900.

Have you used Nokia Trailers yet? Let us know in the comments section, below.