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Nokia Lumia 800

Storing people’s phone numbers, addresses and email details in our mobiles is something we now all take for granted, but sharing or adding new contacts can still be a convoluted process.

Nokia’s Contact Share app, which is now available worldwide for your Nokia Lumia, makes the task of sharing and receiving contacts incredibly quick, straightforward and simple.

Contact Share is not just more convenient but it also eliminates human error. For example, there is always the risk of inputting the wrong number into your phone or losing the all-important business card.

Sharing a contact

Upon opening Contact Share, the first screen you will see is a list of all the contacts stored on your phone.

Select the contact you wish to share and the next screen will give you a choice of which of their details that you wish to pass on. Perhaps you might want to share their phone number and work email, but not their home address.

Contact Share

Confirm your choices by pressing the ‘Tick’ at the bottom of the screen and then you are given the choice of sharing those details either by Email or SMS. Make your choice and then type either the number or email address that you are sending it to.

Of course, if you are sharing the contact with someone else that is already in your People hub then you can just select them by pressing + in the ‘To’ field.

They will then receive a vCard file (or electronic business card) that they can then easily store on their own phone.

Receiving a contact

Receiving a contact via Contact Share is even easier than sending one.

Imagine the scenario, where I need call my mum to ask for the phone number of a distant relative. Then I would have to write the number down on a piece of paper while my mum read it out loud, a few digits at a time, over a crackly phone line. I’m sure we’ve all had those conversations and they are never as easy as they should be!

Contact Share

Now, I’ll just ask my mum to send it to me via Contact Share.

Then I only need to open Contact Share and swipe across to ‘Received’ screen, tap on the contact that has just been sent to me and save it on my phone. The contact will then be in my People hub. 

Looking after your contacts in a mobile phone is similar to maintaining the engine in your car. You don’t always notice it, but it makes your life easier in the long run if you keep it in good condition.

Consider Contact Share a great app for keeping your phone in great shape.

Contact Share will be available to download in the Nokia Collection, alternatively get it directly from this link (only works from your Lumia).