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The Nokia 808 PureView has been around for a while now, but that doesn’t mean everyone who wants one got one right away. Some waited, and are just now discovering all there is to discover about the 41MP powerhouse. I’ve taken a look round and dug out some of the best posts, pics and videos.

via Nokia Innovation

First up, a couple of first impressions posts. Jimbosphoneblog, writing on Ireland’s Technology Blog has posted a no nonsense list of things he noticed from getting his hands on it through to initial set up. It’s a great list too, giving his thoughts on build quality – ‘solid, smooth’ – even mentioning that the little top heavy bias wasn’t a problem, through to the camera – ‘in a league of its own and leaves the rest falling behind despite what some people say,this camera is just amazing’. There’s no higher recommendation than when Jimbo mentions that he never used to be a big photographer, but now ‘will be snapping photos everywhere I go’. Enough said.

Arthur has also shared some thoughts over at Nokia Innovation, this time on the style and design. He reckons that the ‘weighty feel of the handset imparts a positive sensation of quality’ and that the ‘stunningly attractive Red variant’ holds true to classic Nokia design values.

But now to where the action’s at – the camera. There are quite a few examples of great photos that have already been shared, but I highly recommend taking a look at the Flickr page of the PureView Club. There you’ll find a great range of pics, from stunning sunflowers:

via PureView Club

…to moving images like this of a Kashmiri soldier:

via Nikhil Joshi on the PureView Club page

Superb, I’m sure you’ll agree.

But the 41MP camera does more than shoot amazing photos. The video is pretty sweet too. If a Hollywood director wanted ‘eery thunderstorm’ he should look no further than this movie from Topolino70:

via YouTube (via MyNokiaBlog)

In a funky mix of photography test and video comparison, Andrew Reid has put the Nokia PureView 808 through its paces:

via EOSHD on Vimeo

So what do you think having read, seen, watched and digested all that there was to see there? Have you got your hands on a Nokia 808 PureView and taken any spectacular photos that should be featured on here? Let me know in the comments below, or by dropping us a line @Nokia_Connects.