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Nokia Suite 3.5 beta for Windows

Nokia Suite has been the reliable interface between your Nokia smartphone and your PC for many years. Over at Nokia Beta Labs, the team have released a new version that finally brings support to your Nokia N9.

Nokia Suite 3.5 Beta for Windows is a useful tool that is used to perform a variety of tasks, including:

  • Backing up your contacts to the PC
  • Saving your text messages
  • Transferring multimedia items, such as music, photos and video, to and from the PC
  • Downloading of important software updates to your phone, including app updates.

As well as these main features, with Nokia Suite you’re able to download map data for Nokia Maps on your device. This is perfect if you’re planning a getaway and don’t want to get lost while you’re there. Plug in your Nokia Belle or Nokia N9 smartphone and side load all the map data you need onto your phone.

There’s also the ability to send text messages right from your PC by hitting the SMS icon at the top of the screen. Imagine, you’re at work and you’ve plugged your Nokia Belle or Nokia N9 into your PC to charge and sync and a text comes in. You can read that text and reply to it using the computer, saving you time and the need of picking up your phone and using it.

Sending SMS

You can browse the Nokia Store through Nokia Suite and install apps or games to your phone. However, this isn’t currently available for the Nokia N9.

Plus, any music you’ve got stored on your PC or phone can be played right from Nokia Suite with even the option to download or purchase more directly from Nokia Music Store.

As this update is from Nokia Beta Labs, it’s not a final commercial version so expect some minor bugs. The team over at the labs are very keen to hear from you with any feedback you may have to improve the service, so make sure you head to their site and give feedback.

Are you using Nokia Suite 3.5 Beta for Windows? What do you think of it? Let us know, in the comments section below.